Cats & Animal Portrait(猫、動物 肖像画)

There are order requests.
Many works are live paintings drawn in less than an hour on the spot from photos etc.For other requests, it takes more than two weeks to produce and repeatedly draws again.
I started portraits of animals around 2015 and worked on over 100 animals in two years.


色紙サイズオーダー ordermade

Series of Buddism & Myths(神話、仏教モチーフ)

I create my arts based on animism.All things,such as animals,plants,Gods and human being are connected by the big life each other.I have drawn pictures to express the feelings as pleasure and prayer.

Materials: Japanese paper,ink ,pigment素材:和紙に墨、顔彩

Little Buddahas Series(ぽっちゃりぽとけシリーズ)

” Pocharipotpke” is my coined word. I began to draw with a desire to express Buddha in a lovely form like a child.
Movement is all inspired from my own childhood memory.
The above picture was finished in the next spring when my grandmother died.


I draw a stroke with a brush at the center of a life size and a person in about 30 minutes.
Live painting has a stage performance element, and there are various activities such as contemporary dance and
collaboration with music.


traditional ink painting(水墨画 植物、花鳥画)


グッズ、絵のオーダー(Goods&Oeder) :

Bussiness (企業実績)